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  • A Cape Sugarbird hovers on a protea bush
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  • Wave crashes over the Kalk Bay Harbour breakwater
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  • A Cape Fox looks pensively at the camera in the Kgalagadi
  • A male Kgalagadi Lion
  • A Martial Eagle in flight in the Kgalagadi
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  • Winter waves on Noordhoek beach in Cape Town
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  • A Ground Squirrel grooms its tail in the Kgalagadi
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Arne Purves | African Conservation Photography

"My passion for the environment, wildlife and conservation was instilled from an early age, leading to a career in nature conservation, as a game ranger in the Natal Parks Board, a conservation officer with CapeNature and today in the City of Cape Town's Environmental Compliance Department. Photography is my creative medium of choice"

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